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Jinju and Sacheon Travel: Jinju Lantern Festival


*Each section has a link to the Naver map

We are all sleeping on these two cities, guys. My friend and I were looking for a place to travel to, but we didn't expect a lot. Just a countryside city with a festival going on. Some "festivals" in Seoul are nothing to write home about, so we were expecting little.

We did these cities a disservice with this mentality.

When I say this weekend was one of the best weekends I've had in Korea, I hope you consider all the places I haven't posted on this blog. If you are looking to go to the Jinju Lantern Festival, you are in for a GREAT time.

We used a SoCar for our trip. If you do not have a Korean license, find a friend with one, haha! While all the things I've posted are doable by bus and taxi (we hardly had to wait for any taxis to come), having a car was NICE between these cities. Doable by bus, but then you'll have to consider time constraints. Doable by using taxis, but then it's a bit more expensive than renting a car. Food for thought. There were plenty of SoCar locations, too.

When we landed at 10 am, we went straight to this Arboretum. If you decide to go to the more populated spots, your pictures will be of you and about a thousand other people:

However, if you go the opposite way of traffic, it'll be less dense. We got GREAT pics without trying!

Arboretum Slideshow (click the arrow to see more)

First of all, har har har at the name of this place. But it was also really scenic and peaceful, drinking coffee on the water. There were like, 20 other cafes on this road and it lead to the next stop: Sacheon Bridge.

Alright, so THIS is probably one of the best parts of the weekend. I have a fear of heights, sort of, so there were def parts that I FREAKED out, but I would do it again!

Cablecar Slideshow: (click the arrow to see more)

The whole reason for the trip! Truly one of, if not the most, memorable experiences I've ever had!

Festival Slideshow (click arrow to see more)

A few Extra Places

Suyeong Park Slideshow

Yongdu Park Slideshow

Ahora Slideshow

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