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Nami Island- The Micronation in Korea's Borders

Recommended time to visit: all year!

Recommended for everyone!


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Let's just get right in! Nami Island is a place that I always heard or read about as a great destination spot for a day or weekend trip, but I didn't take an extreme interest. Well, after our Garden of Morning Calm visit, my friends suggested that we stop over to Nami Island before we headed back. I'm glad they did!

Getting There

Because we were already near Nami Island, the drive was only about 30 min from The Garden of Morning Calm. Very straightforward directions, but it does take you deeper into the countryside. Luckily the area is a tourist zone, so there are still all the essentials: cafes, pensions, small markets, and restaurants.

If you're going there straight from Seoul, it will take about 2 hours through public transportation and 1 1/2 hours with a car.

When you arrive, there will be some men trying to get you into their parking lots. I would take the opportunity. While they seem a little sketchy, their prices are actually better than what you would pay at the designated Nami Island parking lot.

Nami Island parking lot prices as of Dec 2021

This guy charged us ₩2,000...and almost jumped in front of our car to get our attention


Yep! You need to go through immigration to get into Nami Island. It is considered its own sovereign nation, it has its own flag and everything. Immigration was quite simple: buy your tickets and show your ARC/passport. Now that I'm thinking about it, I don't know if I really even needed my ARC.

Tickets were about 12,000, which I believe also counts as your visa. Once bought, you use the QR code to get through the gates. The ferry is included in the price of the ticket. The ferry will come every 30 mins during slower times of the day to every 10 minutes once traffic usually picks up.

The ferry ride was very short, about 5 minutes. The ride is calm and peaceful. We preferred standing outside, but there are seats and an area to stand on the inside if you so choose.

Nami Island

We had a great time exploring the island. We took a lot of photos, and there were plenty of places to have a main character moment. We also got a cute group photo in front of the Nami photo zone. I would definitely recommend a visit!

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